Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter to John Key.


I am writing this letter to notify you and make you aware about the problems plastic bags a making around the world.

Plastic is very handy in many ways. It can be melted into bags, cartons, bottles and toys for the kids and much much more. They can also be made into cutlery and cups, so if you’re having a very big feast just stop by your local budget shop and buy some. You can also get bags from shops and supermarkets.

Unfortunately plastic bags have a down side. Some animals in the marine life always starve and when they can’t find food, they mistake plastic bags as food. They can choke, suffocate, get stomach aches and even die. Did you even know that there is a floating island made out of plastic in the ocean?

Plastics have become the most common pollutant in the ocean.They’ve made a huge negative impact to the beaches and our environment. We have discovered huge problems with the marine life, and that’s why we all need to step up to fix this issue.

We should all do something about this problem.It’s damaging our environment and we might have no future. We should all take care of mother nature and stop littering plastic bags around the world. We should be like UK and ban plastic bags. In supermarkets we should use paper bags our cotton bags, even our normal school bags!

In my opinion, we should all ban plastic bags. Not only from shop’s but from supermarkets too. This should be the solution to solve the not only the problem with the marine life but the environmental issues. This could make our world a better place, and could help mother nature in different ways.

I hope that you can do something about this.

Yours Sincerly


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