Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country (2014)

Annually, Pt England school have cross country. We have it to represent our house teams, and to have fun and get fit. This is an activity for the whole school to participate in. We’ve all been going for runs every day, for the past few weeks to prepare for this day.

“Today is the day” I said waiting patiently waiting for the Yr 8’s turn to run. I dressed up in my green shirt and my black shorts. There were a lot of people dressed up detailed, but I went basic because I don't want anything to hold and drag me down. I’m in Mataatua, the Green house. There are 3 other houses. Te Arawa (RED) Tainui (BLUE) and lastly Takitimu (YELLOW).

Watching the Yr6 girls run, I could see how hard they were puffing and sweating. I felt nervous just watching them. On their last lap, they were struggling to even run, as they ran, ran and ran and their race was over. “Here comes the Yr8 boys”. Lining up nervously and walking to the start line. It felt like my legs were going to collapse, standing unstable.

Mr Burt said “READY, SET GO! Everyone all sprinted and ran hard, but I stayed back and paced myself. Going around the 3rd Corner, I was so puffed already and I couldn't go no more, but I still pushed myself.

I kept on running and people were falling back and I was getting closer to the front. I dropped back because I was tired and my foot hurt. Plus I waited for my friend Esrah. We ran the Course and Esrah and I were on our last lap and we waited for more people at the back. At the back of us, I saw that the Yr8 Girls had catch us and we managed to beat them. At the end, We wanted to do a superman jump chain.

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