Monday, September 1, 2014

Why exercising when you're a Kid is very important.

Children like me should exercise every day for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons kids exercise, is to be very active and fit. Also its good to start off little so you’ll be more experienced when you're older and you could teach younger generations.

One reason for exercising when you're a kid is because you need to stay active and fit. You also need to lose weight and look in shape everywhere you go. Exercising when you're younger is very good so you can improve your stamina and your endurance, also it helps with your mentality strength. Running, Jogging or running is good to maintain your stamina and endurance levels. Exercising when you’re little is very good so you can win cross country and athletic’s and thats why you train when you're a little kid.

Exercising everyday also helps you with your mentality strength. And you can use use your mentality strength and use that strength in other areas for school so you can be very smart. It also strengthens your body so you can handle the cold and so you can get sick, or else your lifespan will go down and you will be sick, unless you get medicated.

You gotta look for the girls too. You need to build muscle and look good so you can get a date. Also you need to get bulky and big so people get scared of you and that when you’re in a fight, you can be big and tough so your hits would be critical. Also doing bench press gives you a big chest and doing weights make your arms bigger.

If you like to play league or sport, training when you’re a kid is a great time to begin. So you can be familiar with the rules and so you could be way faster than the opposition. You need to be fit also because if you’re in a fight and 6 giants come up to you, you can't take them on and you need to run, run and run as fast as you can.

I hope that you get why exercising is really important when you're little to exercise. Even if you're fat you can lose weight and become the best, thats why you need to exercise as a kid, so you can be a league please.

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